About us

Hey! We are glad you are here!

We are an Argentinian company and we love that our products, thoughtfully crafted with love, reach every part of the world. 

We firmly believe that carefully planning every step in the making of a product is the key for achieving the desired result, that is why we want to share with you the story that lies behind each of our products!

  • The patterns and models we work with are exclusively created by our Design Team;
  • The blocks of all our products are drafted with special care and for a sole purpose: finding the perfect fit;
  • The fabrics we use are high-quality and durable;
  • All of our products are handcrafted, which means creating jobs for a considerable amount of people in our country.
  • Some of our products are hand-embroidered, one by one, which turns a regular piece into a handcrafted one.

We don’t consider distance as a limit; we look forward to bringing Argentinian design to every part of the world and to making your shopping experience the best one you’ve ever had.