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USA - 5 Days $5,00 $2,99 FREE DELIVERY
USA - 2 Days $10,50 $9,99 FREE DELIVERY
Chile & Uruguay $40,00 $19,99 FREE DELIVERY
Spain & Europe $35,00 $19,99 FREE DELIVERY
Mexico $20,00 $9,99 FREE DELIVERY
Israel $40,00 $19,99 FREE DELIVERY
Australia y Nueva Zelanda $40,00 $19,99 FREE DELIVERY


$40,00 $19,00


Res of the world

$50,00 $20,00



Customs and import duties 

A country’s Customs Agency is responsible for controlling the items that are imported into such country or area. That is why, all items, either imported or exported, must comply with certain rules and requirements established by Customs. 

The buyer of an imported item must pay any charge arising from the process of importing such item. In most countries, these charges may translate into taxes or duties. However, customs duties may be exempted or reduced in some cases when the item’s value is below an established number.

Since every national Customs dictate its own regulations, systems, processes, rules, and laws we are unable to know each one of them. Therefore, should there be any import fee to be paid, you will be charged by the carrier service you have chosen when you receive the item; this fee cannot be paid in advance. For this same reason, if you are sending the item to someone else as a present, make sure that that person is aware of this possibility. 

Learn everything about import duties in your country before placing your order. If there is any way of reducing or eliminating the cost of such duties, please fill in the comments section in the checkout to let us know how we can help you. We would be pleased to do so.

The order is billed in and delivered from the United States of America.